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Aug 8

Ain't It Fun

I don’t mind letting you down easy
But just give it time
If it don’t hurt now then just wait, just wait a while
You’re not the big fish in the pond no more
You are what they’re feeding on

Love this song!

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Take a listen to the first song from Andy Black.

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The Pokemon script writers didn’t give any fucks.


Goodbye Warehouse 13[9/9] favorite moments  - the really gratuitous rope thing (Stand)

"If you pull at it, it only gets tighter!"

"That’s good to know!"

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Bering & Wells AU: The first (and last) time Syfy tries to tell Myka and HG that B&W isn’t canon.




goodbye warehouse 13 ↪ 5/8 objects

When I grow up, I’ll be stable. When I grow up, I’ll turn the tables.

Thank you for today.